How to Accessorize for New Year’s Eve

The year is about to end and with that come New Year’s eve parties. We all love them and look forward to them earnestly.

But New Year’s parties also bring with them a huge freak-out over what you’re going to wear to the party.

Now I’m sure that your dresses are all picked out along with your footwear and bags and make-up et al. But the jewellery is something that is constantly changing till you dash out that door. Sometimes its classic, sometimes it’s all one giant experiment!

Hopefully, this helps all of you guys out with your dilemma in choosing the right jewellery for an amazing New Year’s eve party.

Apparently, this year there is no middle ground for jewellery.

Outspoken jewellery just might be the thing for you. I mean sometimes you don’t know if a piece of jewellery is for you until you’ve tried it. So don’t be afraid to experiment with your jewellery.


Play with colour combinations. The colour of the year for 2015 is Marsala. So maybe pair a marsala coloured dress with some ethereal jewellery. A necklace, a bracelet or just a pair of earrings, it all works. Something like this is a very good example :-


If you’re wearing a dress with heavy embroidery or any other kind of elaborate work on it or if you’re wearing a heavy print dress, then go for light and subtle jewellery like this –


Or maybe choose a medium size neutral coloured earrings to offset that dress, like this one –



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Any kind of jewellery you wear has to match with who you are. Otherwise you will just be super conscience and uncomfortable wearing it just like with your clothes. Like this piece? It says that you are a confident and a vibrant person.




One really doesn’t have to say anymore. Multi-coloured beads, thread jewellery, multiple rings, simple head gears, they all work.



And this too –



Make a Statement

One very important thing to remember if you’re gonna even think about wearing statement jewellery is that your outfit will need to be something simple. That doesn’t mean just a plain dress in a single colour. By all means wear what fits in your style but make sure you achieve that balance. If you’ve just bought a piece like the one below and are dying to wear it then maybe pair it with a black or red dress or even a dress with a tiny floral print and plunging neckline.




Your jewellery also depends on the kind of occasion you’re dressing for. Your jewellery changes depending upon where you will be, whether you’re simply hanging out at a friend’s place watching movies, going to a club or a work party. So here are jewellery suggestions for a few occasions.

Hanging out at a friend’s – Going to a friend’s house you’re likely to wear something extremely simple like jeans and stylish tees. Which means you could keep your jewellery also simple, like this –


Or this –




Clubbing – If you’re going to the club, simple won’t do it and neither will statement jewellery. The way you wanna go is to find a balance between the two and go with that. Something that won’t get in your way, like this –


A Formal Event – You have to attend an office party on New Year’s Eve. In a formal setting wear a sophisticated necklace with a pair of earrings and/or bracelet.


Above all, wear jewellery you’ll feel comfortable in till that clock strikes 2016!

Wish you Happy New Year in advance! Have a blast!

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